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Page Name:Lack of Hardware
Date: 2016-07-30 12:10:20
Original User: martin_vahi
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That issue has to be solved after Silktorrent as a software project is complete. 

Multi-CPU-machines from Microcontrollers or Cheap CPLD-s and FPGA-s

Each MCU runs a virtual machine that simulates a CPU-core or some other block of a CPU. The simulated multi-core-CPU has also memory management functionality.

Custom Microchips

What is needed is devices for creating individual prototype electronics chips. Scanning UV-beam based "masking" technology has been used in industry laboratories for decades for creating prototypes. Essentially, probably the initial bill of material contains: UV-LED, piezoelectric components from some piezoelectric microphones for precision-movement of the beam, some passive sound barrier (The University of Tartu Institute of Physics cellar room for using the various atomic microscopes is a source of inspiration), may be, later, some active sound barrier.