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Silktorrent is meant to be the base technology for P2P cloud storage dependent applications that can withstand a situation, where Police/adversaries have

taken down literally all servers of the authors of the censorable files

and, at the same time,

have access to all of the encryption keys of the authors of the censorable files

and, at the same time,

have taken down internet connections of the general public and switched in jammers that take out ad hoc mobile networks.

The Silktorrent is meant to be a doomsday last resort network software infrastructure that allows to create reliable information systems.

Silktorrent is planned to be part of the mmmv_devel_tools, which has a general flawtrack. There is an effort to design Silktorrent by taking to account the results of the vast amount of prior work, including the 2010 doctoral thesis of Michael John Rogers. The Silktorrent differs from many other projects by having an implementation and algorithm architecture that is expected to be gradually upgradable as new knowledge becomes available. The Silktorrent implementation is designed to be usable at least decades. 

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