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Page Name:Algorithm and Implementation
Date: 2016-06-21 06:34:19
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The main property, where the Silktorrent differs from the other similar projects is that its algorithm is modular. The modularity of its implementation is at least as granular as its algorithm.


Silktorrent packets are tar-files that have a name that contains the size of the file and at least one cryptogaphically secure hash of that tar-file. The reason, why tar is used in stead of tar.gz, zip, xz, etc. is that multi-TiB files that consist of only regular patterns, may be all zeros or all ones, can be compressed to a very small file and that kind of file can be used for DoS-attacking computers that run software that unpacks the compression result. The Silktorret packet contains folders "header" and "payload". The folder "header" contains a file "salt.txt" or "salt.blob", which slightly salts also the size of the Silktorrent package and allows the same payload to be transported by different Silktorrent packages. The idea is that when one package name is blacklisted by censors, the same payload can be distributed by using a different Silktorrent package.