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Instructions for Application Developers and Power Users 

The latest milestone release main deployment deliverable is a single Bash script. If it is executed without any command line arguments, then it prints out its usage instructions.

Instructions for Silktorrent Developers

All of the development deliverables can be downloaded by cloning this Fossil repository. The cloning can take hours and it requires at least 30GiB of HDD space. The recommended way to clone the Silktorrent Fossil repository is to run the following Bash line:

mkdir -p ./tmp_; SQLITE_TMPDIR=`pwd`/tmp_ time nice -n18 fossil clone --unversioned  https://www.softf1.com/cgi-bin/tree1/technology/flaws/silktorrent.bash/ ./silktorrent.fossilrepository

The Web UI of the cloned repository can be used by

    # on localhost:
        fossil ui -port 2000 `pwd`/silktorrent.fossilrepository
    # on public IP address:
        fossil server -port 2000 `pwd`/silktorrent.fossilrepository