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The Core Idea

If the silktorrent packet is a tar-file that contains folders 



then the content of the folders payload and header can be referenced by using the tree encoding:

<tar-file name>/payload/<the file or folder relative to the folder payload>

<tar-file name>/header/<the file or folder relative to the folder header>

The <tar-file name> can be also a name of a local folder or some folder at some publicly hosted web page. The include/require/src/uses statements of various programming languages and configurations files, including HTML, can be modified by changing the pfefix of the <tar-file name>. That allows an HTML-page to be switched from using JavaScript libraries from one site to using the very same JavaScript libraries from another site.

http://www.first_site.com/<tar-file name>/payload/the_JavaScript_library.js

http://www.second_site.com/<tar-file name>/payload/the_JavaScript_library.js

Due to the possibility to use regular expressions, that solution does not require code generation. It might be even usable with many existing IDE-s without requiring any additional tools. The solution is also programming language agnostic.