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Date: 2016-07-18 23:58:18
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For the majority of people the Silktorrent applications as robustness oriented applications will never be able to compete with applications that are optimized for end user comfort. There does not exist even a goal to make everybody use Silktorrent. The marketing scheme is that a small number of security conscious people adopt the Silktorrent and keep their systems working with Silktorrent, offering continuous testing of it as a side effect. When the traditional Internet becomes unusable also to other types of audience, then the members of those other types of audience can buy consultancy services from the security conscious people and the security conscious people install a Silktorrent based systems to their clients.

Tier 1 Early Adopters

Tier 1 Early Adopters are freelancers, who try out release candidates and use the Silktorrent as a dependency for their own projects. The general release policy is that only technically tested Silktorrent versions are published, but the Tier 1 Early Adopters do the validation and acceptance testing.

Tier 2 Early Adopters 

Tier 2 Early Adopters are various parties that are expected to act during a disaster. War is also a disaster. The Tier 2 Early Adopters are the ones, who distribute the Silktorrent applications to the general population that finds the Silktorrent applications to be uncompetitive during the time, when the traditional data networks offer the comfort-optimized services like Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, classical web pages, etc.  As classical businesses do not care to prepare themselves for such "hypothetical" and "irrelevant", "theoretical", scenarios as area-wide cyber attacks or war, lack of ability to communicate with business partners, it's better to exclude all classical businesses from the Tier 2 Early Adopters. The super-mafia financed institutions consist of mostly uninnovative bureaucrats, so the typical rescue teams and medical services will be furnished with Silktorrent applications only to the extent that there exist personal contacts between Tier 1 Early Adopters and people, who happened to work at the super-mafia financed institutions. The main target audience to be included to the Tier 2 Early Adopters is the various volunteers, voluntary firefighters, voluntary civil defense groups.

The Estonian Defense League Cyber Unit is basically, like all of the Estonian Defense League, super-mafia financed hierarchical organization that is officially a sub-branch of the Estonian super-mafia security department, the Estonian Ministry of Defense. It is OK, even encouraged, for the Estonian Defense League Cyber Unit people to have Silktorrent applications, if those can be offered to them through some trusted personal contacts, without interacting with the nasty super-mafia hierarchy directly, but offering Silktorrent applications to them is probably more trouble than it's worth. It is perfectly OK, if only the more innovative people at the civil society have the Silktorrent at their disposal. The rest will probably have to just drag along at their own pace. The Tier 2 Early Adopters are expected to get only those versions of the Silktorrent that the Tier 1 Early Adopters have been using at least 1 year without finding any major flaws. The Tier 2 Early Adopters are expected to receive Silktorrent updates about once in 3 years.