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The Core Idea

The silktorrent packet is a tar-file that contains folders 



In software projects and HTML pages  the content of the folders payload and header can be referenced by using the tree encoding:

<tar-file name>/payload/<the file or folder relative to the folder payload>

<tar-file name>/header/<the file or folder relative to the folder header>

The <tar-file name> can be the name of a local folder or some folder at some publicly hosted web page. The include/require/src/uses statements of various programming languages and configurations files, including HTML, can be modified by changing the prefix of the <tar-file name>. That allows an HTML-page to be switched from using JavaScript libraries from one site to using the very same JavaScript libraries from another site.

http://www.first_site.com/<tar-file name>/payload/the_JavaScript_library.js

http://www.second_site.com/<tar-file name>/payload/the_JavaScript_library.js

Due to the possibility to use regular expressions, the proposed solution does not require code generation. It might be usable with many existing IDE-s without requiring any additional tools or plugins. The solution is also programming language agnostic.


The Core Idea has an assumption that backwards compatibility of libraries does not exist, even if advertised. Whenever a software component dependency is declared by stating that the version of the dependency is "newest" or "greater than X", a flaw is introduced. That is the reason, why Linux/BSD/etc. package collections are "unstable" and NEVER WILL BE "stable". For built/compiled software components each combination of build parameters, compiler, environment set-up is actually a separate version of the software component

Storage Allocation Policy

To make the Silktorrent network of package/packet hosting servers  more reliable, the package/packet hosting servers should use multiple storage allocation policies simultaneously. There is one allocation agent per policy. Each allocation agent has its own, fixed, size of storage space, disk space, which will be allocated to Silktorrent packets according to the policy that the agent implements. Some agent, bot, may sell paid subscriptions like the Dropbox and alike use. Some agent might run a mirroring service in favor of some public library or operating system packages repository. Some agent might store Silktorrent packets according to popularity. Some agent may offer personal storage service to the owner of the server. Some agent may service some Silktorrent based messaging service. Some agent might service Silktorrent based "web" (PDF-files, LibreOffice files, all-in-one-HTML-documents, etc.)

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