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The "settings" command:

Usage: fossil settings ?PROPERTY? ?VALUE? ?OPTIONS?
   or: fossil unset PROPERTY ?OPTIONS?

The "settings" command with no arguments lists all properties and their
values.  With just a property name it shows the value of that property.
With a value argument it changes the property for the current repository.

Settings marked as versionable are overridden by the contents of the
file named .fossil-settings/PROPERTY in the check-out root, if that
file exists.

The "unset" command clears a property setting.

   access-log       If enabled, record successful and failed login attempts
                    in the "accesslog" table.  Default: off

   admin-log        If enabled, record configuration changes in the
                    "admin_log" table.  Default: off

   allow-symlinks   If enabled, don't follow symlinks, and instead treat
    (versionable)   them as symlinks on Unix. Has no effect on Windows
                    (existing links in repository created on Unix become
                    plain-text files with link destination path inside).
                    Default: on (Unix), off (Windows)

   auto-captcha     If enabled, the Login page provides a button to
                    fill in the captcha password.  Default: on

   auto-hyperlink   Use javascript to enable hyperlinks on web pages
                    for all users (regardless of the "h" privilege) if the
                    User-Agent string in the HTTP header look like it came
                    from real person, not a spider or bot.  Default: on

   auto-shun        If enabled, automatically pull the shunning list
                    from a server to which the client autosyncs.
                    Default: on

   autosync         If enabled, automatically pull prior to commit
                    or update and automatically push after commit or
                    tag or branch creation.  If the value is "pullonly"
                    then only pull operations occur automatically.
                    Default: on

   autosync-tries   If autosync is enabled setting this to a value greater
                    than zero will cause autosync to try no more than this
                    number of attempts if there is a sync failure.
                    Default: 1

   binary-glob      The VALUE is a comma or newline-separated list of
    (versionable)   GLOB patterns that should be treated as binary files
                    for committing and merging purposes.  Example: *.jpg

   case-sensitive   If TRUE, the files whose names differ only in case
                    are considered distinct.  If FALSE files whose names
                    differ only in case are the same file.  Defaults to
                    TRUE for unix and FALSE for Cygwin, Mac and Windows.

   clean-glob       The VALUE is a comma or newline-separated list of GLOB
    (versionable)   patterns specifying files that the "clean" command will
                    delete without prompting or allowing undo.
                    Example: *.a,*.lib,*.o

   clearsign        When enabled, fossil will attempt to sign all commits
                    with gpg.  When disabled (the default), commits will
                    be unsigned.  Default: off

   crlf-glob        A comma or newline-separated list of GLOB patterns for
    (versionable)   text files in which it is ok to have CR, CR+LF or mixed
                    line endings. Set to "*" to disable CR+LF checking.
                    The crnl-glob setting is a compatibility alias.

   default-perms    Permissions given automatically to new users.  For more
                    information on permissions see Users page in Server
                    Administration of the HTTP UI. Default: u.

   diff-binary      If TRUE (the default), permit files that may be binary
                    or that match the "binary-glob" setting to be used with
                    external diff programs.  If FALSE, skip these files.

   diff-command     External command to run when performing a diff.
                    If undefined, the internal text diff will be used.

   dont-push        Prevent this repository from pushing from client to
                    server.  Useful when setting up a private branch.

   dotfiles         Include --dotfiles option for all compatible commands.

   editor           Text editor command used for check-in comments.

   empty-dirs       A comma or newline-separated list of pathnames. On
    (versionable)   update and checkout commands, if no file or directory
                    exists with that name, an empty directory will be

   encoding-glob    The VALUE is a comma or newline-separated list of GLOB
    (versionable)   patterns specifying files that the "commit" command will
                    ignore when issuing warnings about text files that may
                    use another encoding than ASCII or UTF-8. Set to "*"
                    to disable encoding checking.

   exec-rel-paths   When executing certain external commands (e.g. diff and
                    gdiff), use relative paths.

   gdiff-command    External command to run when performing a graphical
                    diff. If undefined, text diff will be used.

   gmerge-command   A graphical merge conflict resolver command operating
                    on four files.
                    Ex: kdiff3 "%baseline" "%original" "%merge" -o "%output"
                    Ex: xxdiff "%original" "%baseline" "%merge" -M "%output"
                    Ex: meld "%baseline" "%original" "%merge" "%output"

   hash-digits      The number of hexadecimal digits of the SHA1 hash to
                    display.  (Default: 10; Minimum: 6)

   http-port        The TCP/IP port number to use by the "server"
                    and "ui" commands.  Default: 8080

   https-login      Send login credentials using HTTPS instead of HTTP
                    even if the login page request came via HTTP.

   ignore-glob      The VALUE is a comma or newline-separated list of GLOB
    (versionable)   patterns specifying files that the "add", "addremove",
                    "clean", and "extra" commands will ignore.
                    Example:  *.log customCode.c notes.txt

   keep-glob        The VALUE is a comma or newline-separated list of GLOB
    (versionable)   patterns specifying files that the "clean" command will

   localauth        If enabled, require that HTTP connections from
           be authenticated by password.  If
                    false, all HTTP requests from localhost have
                    unrestricted access to the repository.

   main-branch      The primary branch for the project.  Default: trunk

   manifest         If set to a true boolean value, automatically create
    (versionable)   files "manifest" and "manifest.uuid" in every checkout.
                    Optionally use combinations of characters 'r'
                    for "manifest", 'u' for "manifest.uuid" and 't' for
                    "manifest.tags".  The SQLite and Fossil repositories
                    both require manifests.  Default: off.

   max-loadavg      Some CPU-intensive web pages (ex: /zip, /tarball, /blame)
                    are disallowed if the system load average goes above this
                    value.  "0.0" means no limit.  This only works on unix.
                    Only local settings of this value make a difference since
                    when running as a web-server, Fossil does not open the
                    global configuration database.

   max-upload       A limit on the size of uplink HTTP requests.  The
                    default is 250000 bytes.

   mtime-changes    Use file modification times (mtimes) to detect when
                    files have been modified.  (Default "on".)

   mv-rm-files      If enabled (and Fossil was compiled with legacy "mv/rm"
                    support), the "mv" and "rename" commands will also move
                    the associated files within the checkout -AND- the "rm"
                    and "delete" commands will also remove the associated
                    files from within the checkout.  Default: off.

   pgp-command      Command used to clear-sign manifests at check-in.
                    The default is "gpg --clearsign -o ".

   proxy            URL of the HTTP proxy.  If undefined or "off" then
                    the "http_proxy" environment variable is consulted.
                    If the http_proxy environment variable is undefined
                    then a direct HTTP connection is used.

   relative-paths   When showing changes and extras, report paths relative
                    to the current working directory.  Default: "on"

   repo-cksum       Compute checksums over all files in each checkout
                    as a double-check of correctness.  Defaults to "on".
                    Disable on large repositories for a performance

   self-register    Allow users to register themselves through the HTTP UI.
                    This is useful if you want to see other names than
                    "Anonymous" in e.g. ticketing system. On the other hand
                    users can not be deleted. Default: off.

   ssh-command      Command used to talk to a remote machine with
                    the "ssh://" protocol.

   ssl-ca-location  The full pathname to a file containing PEM encoded
                    CA root certificates, or a directory of certificates
                    with filenames formed from the certificate hashes as
                    required by OpenSSL.
                    If set, this will override the OS default list of
                    OpenSSL CAs. If unset, the default list will be used.
                    Some platforms may add additional certificates.
                    Checking your platform behaviour is required if the
                    exact contents of the CA root is critical for your

   ssl-identity     The full pathname to a file containing a certificate
                    and private key in PEM format. Create by concatenating
                    the certificate and private key files.
                    This identity will be presented to SSL servers to
                    authenticate this client, in addition to the normal
                    password authentication.

   tcl              If enabled (and Fossil was compiled with Tcl support),
                    Tcl integration commands will be added to the TH1
                    interpreter, allowing arbitrary Tcl expressions and
                    scripts to be evaluated from TH1.  Additionally, the Tcl
                    interpreter will be able to evaluate arbitrary TH1
                    expressions and scripts. Default: off.

   tcl-setup        This is the setup script to be evaluated after creating
    (versionable)   and initializing the Tcl interpreter.  By default, this
                    is empty and no extra setup is performed.

   th1-docs         WARNING: If enabled (and Fossil was compiled with TH1
                    support for embedded documentation files), this allows
                    embedded documentation files to contain arbitrary TH1
                    scripts that are evaluated on the server.  If native
                    Tcl integration is also enabled, this setting has the
                    potential to allow anybody with check-in privileges to
                    do almost anything that the associated operating system
                    user account could do.  Extreme caution should be used
                    when enabling this setting.  Default: off.

   th1-hooks        If enabled (and Fossil was compiled with support for TH1
                    hooks), special TH1 commands will be called before and
                    after any Fossil command or web page. Default: off.

   th1-setup        This is the setup script to be evaluated after creating
    (versionable)   and initializing the TH1 interpreter.  By default, this
                    is empty and no extra setup is performed.

   th1-uri-regexp   Specify which URI's are allowed in HTTP requests from
    (versionable)   TH1 scripts.  If empty, no HTTP requests are allowed
                    whatsoever.  The default is an empty string.

   uv-sync          If true, automatically send unversioned files as part
                    of a "fossil clone" or "fossil sync" command.  The
                    default is false, in which case the -u option is
                    needed to clone or sync unversioned files.

   web-browser      A shell command used to launch your preferred
                    web browser when given a URL as an argument.
                    Defaults to "start" on windows, "open" on Mac,
                    and "firefox" on Unix.

  --global   set or unset the given property globally instead of
             setting or unsetting it for the open repository only.

  --exact    only consider exact name matches.

See also: configuration