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Note: Firejail 0.9.38 has a convenient symlink invocation feature to integrate firejail in the desktop.

Firectl is a tool to integrate firejail sandboxing in the Linux desktop. Enable firejail for an application and enjoy a more secure desktop.


To see which applications can be enabled:

firectl status

To enable firejail for a program:

sudo firectl enable firefox

To disable firejail for a program:

sudo firectl disable firefox


For Ubuntu and Debian systems install the deb at

Other distro's


Firectl works by modifying the system's desktop files, the files that tell the system which user applications are installed and how to run them. When these applications are updated, the desktop files are also updated, disabling firejail. The firectl settings need to be restored.

For now you have to manually restore firejail settings after upgrades:

sudo firectl restore


Firectl can be installed with pip:

sudo pip3 install firectl


To uninstall firectl:

sudo firectl disable all
sudo pip3 uninstall firectl
sudo rm /etc/firejail/firectl.conf