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How to build

  1. Make sure you have the prerequisites:
    • npm
    • Gatsby: npm i -g gatsby-cli
    • git clone && cd
  2. cd gatsby
  3. Run npm i to install dependencies
  4. gatsby develop

Now you can visit the page you want to work on in the browser. For example:

How to add your project to Try Matrix Now

  1. Prerequisites:
    • Text editor or web IDE (MDX support is nice to have but not necessary)
    • git clone && cd
  2. cd gatsby
  3. cp project-template.mdx content/projects/{bots|bridges|clients|sdks|other}/project-name.mdx
  4. Edit the file to include information about your project
  5. To include images in your posting, add them to gatsby/static/docs/projects/images/. Avoid linking to images on other websites.
  6. To check how the rendered result looks (strongly recommended), follow "How to build" steps.
  7. Once it looks good, submit a pull request!