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                      M68K MPN SUBROUTINES

This directory contains mpn functions for various m68k family chips.


	m68k             m68000, m68010
	m68k/mc68020     m68020 and up, including CPU32

The m5200 "coldfire", which is m68000 less a few instructions, currently has
no assembler code support.


The .asm files are put through m4 for macro processing, and with the help of
configure give either MIT or Motorola syntax.  The generic mpn/asm-defs.m4
is used, together with mpn/m68k/m68k-defs.m4.  See comments in those files.

Not all possible syntax variations are covered.  GCC config/m68k for
instance has things like $ for immediates on CRDS or reversed cmp order for
AT&T SGS.  These could probably be handled if anyone really needs it.


"Motorola M68000 Family Programmer's Reference Manual", available online,

"System V Application Binary Interface: Motorola 68000 Processor Family
Supplement", AT&T, 1990, ISBN 0-13-877553-6.  Has details of calling
conventions and ELF style PIC coding.

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