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Sia Logo User Interface

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A Highly Efficient Decentralized Storage Network

A snapshot of the file library This is the user interface for Sia, it is a desktop application based off the electron framework. The ambition behind this project is to facilitate easy, graphical interaction between users and the Sia network.



Download your OS's release archive and unzip it


Run from source

  1. Install dependencies mentioned above
  2. Download or git clone the repository
  3. npm install
  4. npm start


Read the document linked above to learn more about the application and its technologies.

Take a look at our issues page for a high level view of what objectives we're working on.

If you're the type to jump right into code, simply search through the project (sans the node_modules folder) for the term TODO:. If you're on a UNIX (Linux & OSX) system, run grep -r 'TODO:' js plugins in a terminal at the root level of the project