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Interledger SPSP REST client (Java)

Interledger Simple Payment Setup Protocol REST client.

A Java client implementing the SPSP api simple-payment-setup-protoco.



The project is setup to find project dependencies in the same directory so the easiest way to work on the code is to fetch the dependencies as-is from GitHub.

    $ git checkout
    $ git checkout


The project supports both Gradle and Maven build tools. A special Gradle task is defined which will generate a POM file for Maven.

    $ gradle writePom


The project uses Checkstyle for consitency in code style. We use the Google defined Java rules which can be configured for common IDE's by downloading configuration files from the GitHub repo.


The library adheres to the interfaces in the Interledger Protocol Core library. The client is instantiated with a RestTemplate for autowiring, or can be constructed directly.

  SpspService service = new SpringSpspClientService(restTemplate);
  Receiver response = service.query(URI.create(""));


[ ] Fix Checkstyle issues

## Contributors

Any contribution is very much appreciated! [![gitter][gitter-image]][gitter-url]


This code is released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see LICENSE for the full text.