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This repository holds the code behind the website at

Get Involved

If you are keen to contribute, join the community.


Do not edit the .html files at the root of the project. Your changes will be overwritten.

The _dactyl/dactyl-config.yml file lists the main contents of the website, which are Markdown files from two sources:

To build the site you first need to install Dactyl. For example:

$ sudo pip3 install dactyl

Then you can build a local copy by running the following command from the _dactyl/ folder:

$ dactyl_build -S

To add new pages you must edit the _dactyl/dactyl-config.yml file and provide the necessary metadata about the pages, then run dactyl_build -S to generate the new contents. (The -S just tells it to skip the step of copying the assets folder over, since it's already in the right place.)

To modify the page layout, edit the _dactyl/templates/ contents files. These files use Jinja syntax.

To contribute your changes back, commit the changes to a feature branch and open a pull request.