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SAFE Browser Application is a browser designed to open safe:// websites on The SAFE Network. It is a fork of the beaker browser.

SAFE Beaker Browser uses safe-js to interact with the safe launcher.

You have three main APIs available to SAFE sites:

Each of these is a mapping to safejs functions, which you can find here;

Development Install Instructions:

  1. Install Git

  2. Sign up for




  6. Install node js requires the latest version of node js Check to see what the latest version is here

Use option one make sure to install the latest version

  1. Open Terminal

 $ git clone
 $ cd safe_browser
 $ npm install
 $ npm run rebuild
 $ npm start

  1. Any time you want to run the browser again all you have to do is open terminal

``` shell $ cd safe_browser $ npm start


Note 01: If you want to do a fresh install. Delete the beaker folder and start at Step 07:

Note 02: Do not worry about any errors that appear.


If you pull latest from the repo and get weird module errors, do:

 npm run burnthemall

This invokes the mad king, who will torch your npm_modules, and do the full install/rebuild process for you. npm start should work afterwards.

If you're doing development, npm run watch to have assets build automatically.


SAFE Beaker Browser is a lightly modified fork of the decentralized beaker browser.

Modified MIT as per the BeakerLicense