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Cli to download assets and libraries on demand for your project. Inspired by electron-download but more universal.


Add to your project via npm install --save



The simplest configuration is if you only have one item to download, which follows the electron conventions. Like electron itself. For that just add to your package.json's script-section:

    "postinstall": "deps_downloader --filename electron --version 1.6.1 --filePattern 
    \"electron$\" "


To allow for more complex configurations, you can also add a top-level section download_deps in the package.json and run deps_downloader --package package.json in your postinstall-section. Example:

    "scripts" : {
        "postinstall": "deps_downloader --package package.json"
    "download_deps": {
        "electron" : {
            "version": "1.6.1"
            "filePattern": "electron$"
        "ENV" : {
            "test" : {
                "version": "1.5.0",
                "override": false
            "win32" : {
                "electron" : {
                    "filePattern": "electron.exe$"
                    "disabled": true
            "mobile": {
              "electron": {
                "disabled": true

This example does the same as before but now overwrites the filePattern to electron.exe on windows systems and uses the version 1.5.1 in case it is run in NODE_ENV='test'. You can add any number of entries in download_deps each containing a configuration set except for ENV which contains the overwrites.

ENV may contain any NODE_ENV environment (default is dev). Each environment or platform may contain extra entries. Any Platform may also contain a ENV entry with other node-env environment overwrites. See [examples/complex.json] for a complex version.

A disabled property may be added for a particular environment variable condition in order to prevent a default file from being downloaded.

If intending to download more than one version of a file, use the override property to prevent the the default configuration from being overwritten.


This SAFE Network library is licensed under the General Public License (GPL), version 3 (LICENSE


Copyrights in the SAFE Network are retained by their contributors. No copyright assignment is required to contribute to this project.