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Can be used to help produce new editions of

Install everything from npm (Node 12 minimum needed) and setup needed dirs:

npm i
mkdir events
mkdir blog
mkdir blog/img

To use, create a file at config/access_token.json and include three fields:

Then build from TypeScript (sourcemap used for debugging):

npx tsc --watch *.ts --sourcemap

Run node watch.js, then use your nominated mxid to react with one of the emoji below on a story to include. This will start logging event IDs.

To clear the stored list, use node watch.js -c. Do this for each new post or you will include previous entries.

When you have a collection, run: node render.js. This will read from the test room state list, and render the entries by writing some markdown to, which will need some editing to make it presentable.

If an entry is from the userId nominated in the config, that entry will not be prefixed with >, since we don't consider it to be quoted.

Note the options for render in the section below. In general, to produce a final output you will use render -mp, -m to process media, and -p to process results from

node watch --help

% node watch --help
Usage: watch [options]

  -c, --clear  clear the stored events
  -h, --help   display help for command

node render --help

% node render --help
Usage: render [options]

  -d, --debug    output all the json blocks, suppress header
  -s, --summary  highlight missing summary blocks
  -m, --media    download and process media
  -p, --pings    get ping-room data
  -w, --web      start a server to render the result
  -h, --help     display help for command

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