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Synapse snap package

Snaps are universal Linux packages.


To build this snap, Ubuntu 16.04 or newer is required.

$ sudo apt install git snapcraft
$ git clone
$ cd package-synapse-snap
$ snapcraft


The built snap can be installed in any of the Linux distributions that support snaps. In Ubuntu 16.04 or newer, snapd comes preinstalled. In the others, install if following the steps in:

Then, install the snap:

$ sudo snap install *.snap --dangerous

The dangerous flag is required because the snap you just built is not signed by the upstream developers.


Set up a homeserver:

$ synapse.homeserver --generate-config --server-name machine1.local --config-path homeserver.yaml --report-stats=yes

Start the server:

$ synapse.synctl start

Register a user:

$ synapse.register-new-matrix-user -c homeserver.yaml https://localhost:8448

Open the demo web client at https://localhost:8448 using a web browser.