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WARNING! Work in progress, breaking changes ahead :)

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SDK for adding OpenWebRTC to your iOS apps using CocoaPods


The SDK uses CocoaPods as library dependency manager. In order to set this up:

sudo gem install cocoapods
pod setup

The OpenWebRTC SDK is made up of 2 different pods:

WARNING! There are remaing issues in the .podspec's that requires you to manually fix a few things in your Xcode workspace, see below. We hope to sort these out ASAP. If you have an idea of what might be wrong, let us know!

Fix dylibs

There is currently a bug that forces a manual fix. Add the following dynamic libs to the Frameworks folder of your main project: * libresolv.dylib * libc++.dylib


Example Podfile: ``` platform :ios, '8.0'

target 'NativeDemo' do pod 'OpenWebRTC', '~> 0.1' pod 'OpenWebRTC-SDK', :path => '../../../openwebrtc-ios-sdk/OpenWebRTC-SDK.podspec' end ```


As a quick overview, there are the classes to know to use the SDK.