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A demo of Matrix VR tourism and VR video conferencing


git clone
cd matrix-vr-demo
npm install
npm run serve

N.B. that currently we currently depend on an unreleased version of matrix-js-sdk from github. matrix-js-sdk has to be transpiled from ES6 to ES5 using Babel however. running npm install on matrix-vr-demo doesn't run the transpilation however; if nothing else the transpilation step needs devDependencies (exorcist, uglifyjs), which don't get installed for transitive dependencies.

We fudge this for now by manually calling npm i on node_modules/matrix-js-sdk from the build target of matrix-vr-demo, which pulls in all the dependencies and does the transpile (as well as probably installing duplicate dependencies for stuff which matrix-vr-demo already depends on). This should be removed once we depend on a released matrix-js-sdk.

The pinned dependency on aframe & aframe-look-at-component doesn't suffer from this problem as it doesn't need to be transpiled.