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A Rocket Chat application service

This is currently a very barebones bridge, it just does basic text in pre-enumerated channels.

To install:

$ npm install

To set up on the Rocket Chat side: * Add inbound & outbound webhook integrations to the room you want to bridge. * For the inbound webhook, note down the webhook URL that Rocket Chat provisions for you - e.g. * For the outbound webhook, you'll need to expose your bridge to the internet and hand the URL to Rocket Chat - e.g.

To set up on the Matrix side: Create a config.yaml file (there's a skeleton one in config/config.sample.yaml). Add the homeserver details, the port of the listener, the Matrix Room ID and the Rocket Chat webhook URL to this file.

You might want to restrict the AS to a room. This is done by adding the following to the config:

    - exclusive: false
      regex: "!"
Then generate a registration file by running:

$ node app.js -r -c config.yaml -u "http://localhost:9000"

Reference the registration yaml file from your homeserver's homeserver.yaml config and restart the server to pick it up.

Start your application service:

$ node app.js -c config.yaml -p 9000

See also for the general theory of all this :)