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                                                                   -*- rst -*-
This is a collection of tests to check debugging information generated by 
compiler. This test suite can be checked out inside clang/test folder. This 
will enable 'make test' for clang to pick up these tests. Typically, test 
cases included here includes debugger commands and intended debugger output 
as comments in source file using DEBUGGER: and CHECK: as prefixes respectively.

For example::

  define i32 @f1(i32 %i) nounwind ssp {
  ; DEBUGGER: break f1
  ; DEBUGGER: p i 
  ; CHECK: $1 = 42 

is a testcase where the debugger is asked to break at function 'f1' and 
print value of argument 'i'. The expected value of 'i' is 42 in this case.