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stdarch - Rust's standard library SIMD components

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# Crates

This repository contains two main crates:

* [![core_arch_crate_badge]][core_arch_crate_link]
  [`core_arch`](crates/core_arch/ implements `core::arch` - Rust's
  core library architecture-specific intrinsics, and
* [![std_detect_crate_badge]][std_detect_crate_link]
  [`std_detect`](crates/std_detect/ implements `std::detect` - Rust's
  standard library run-time CPU feature detection.

The `std::simd` component now lives in the
[`packed_simd`]( crate.

# How to do a release

To do a release of the `core_arch` and `std_detect` crates, 

* bump up the version appropriately,
* comment out the `dev-dependencies` in their `Cargo.toml` files (due to,
* publish the crates.