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A generator for the script commonly used to install Rust in Unix environments. It is used By Rust, Cargo, and is intended to be used by a future combined installer of Rust + Cargo.


./ --product-name=Rust \ --verify-bin=rustc \ --rel-manifest-dir=rustlib \ --success-message=Rust-is-ready-to-roll. \ --image-dir=./install-image \ --work-dir=./temp \ --output-dir=./dist \ --non-installed-prefixes="foo,bin/bar,lib/baz" \ --package-name=rustc-nightly-i686-apple-darwin

Or, to just generate the script.

./ --product-name=Rust \ --verify-bin=rustc \ --rel-manifest-dir=rustlib \ --success-message=Rust-is-ready-to-roll. \

Note: the dashes in success-message are converted to spaces. The script's argument handling is broken with spaces.