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// Error messages for EXXXX errors.  Each message should start and end with a
// new line, and be wrapped to 80 characters.  In vim you can `:set tw=80` and
// use `gq` to wrap paragraphs. Use `:set tw=0` to disable.
// /!\ IMPORTANT /!\
// Error messages' format must follow the RFC 1567 available here:

register_diagnostics! {
E0001: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0002: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0004: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0005: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0007: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0009: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0010: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0013: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0014: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0015: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0019: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0023: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0025: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0026: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0027: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0029: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0030: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0033: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0034: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0038: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0040: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0044: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0045: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0046: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0049: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0050: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0053: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0054: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0055: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0057: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0059: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0060: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0061: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0062: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0063: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0067: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0069: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0070: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0071: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0072: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0073: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0074: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0075: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0076: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0077: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0080: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0081: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0084: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0087: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0088: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0089: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0090: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0091: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0092: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0093: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0094: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0106: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0107: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0109: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0110: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0116: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0117: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0118: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0119: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0120: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0121: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0124: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0128: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0130: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0131: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0132: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0133: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0136: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0137: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0138: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0139: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0152: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0154: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0158: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0161: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0162: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0164: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0165: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0170: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0178: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0184: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0185: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0186: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0191: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0192: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0193: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0195: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0197: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0198: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0199: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0200: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0201: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0202: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0203: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0204: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0205: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0206: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0207: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0210: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0211: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0214: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0220: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0221: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0223: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0225: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0229: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0230: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0231: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0232: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0243: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0244: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0251: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0252: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0253: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0254: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0255: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0256: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0259: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0260: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0261: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0262: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0263: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0264: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0267: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0268: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0271: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0275: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0276: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0277: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0281: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0282: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0283: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0284: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0297: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0301: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0302: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0303: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0307: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0308: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0309: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0310: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0312: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0317: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0321: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0322: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0323: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0324: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0325: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0326: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0328: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0329: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0364: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0365: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0366: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0367: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0368: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0369: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0370: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0371: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0373: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0374: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0375: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0376: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0378: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0379: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0380: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0381: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0382: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0383: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0384: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0386: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0387: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0388: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0389: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0390: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0391: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0392: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0393: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0398: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0399: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0401: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0403: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0404: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0405: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0407: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0408: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0409: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0411: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0412: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0415: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0416: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0422: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0423: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0424: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0425: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0426: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0428: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0429: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0430: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0431: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0432: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0433: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0434: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0435: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0436: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0437: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0438: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0439: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0445: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0446: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0447: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0448: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0449: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0451: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0452: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0453: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0454: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0455: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0458: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0459: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0463: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0466: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0468: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0469: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0478: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0491: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0492: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0493: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0495: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0496: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0497: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0499: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0500: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0501: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0502: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0503: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0504: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0505: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0506: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0507: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0508: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0509: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0510: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0511: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0512: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0515: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0516: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0517: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0518: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0520: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0522: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0524: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0525: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0527: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0528: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0529: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0530: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0531: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0532: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0533: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0534: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0535: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0536: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0537: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0538: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0541: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0550: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0551: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0552: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0554: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0556: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0557: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0559: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0560: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0561: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0562: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0565: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0566: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0567: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0568: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0569: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0570: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0571: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0572: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0573: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0574: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0575: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0576: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0577: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0578: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0579: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0580: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0581: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0582: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0583: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0584: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0585: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0586: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0587: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0588: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0589: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0590: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0591: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0592: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0593: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0594: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0595: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0596: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0597: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0599: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0600: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0601: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0602: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0603: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0604: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0605: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0606: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0607: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0608: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0609: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0610: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0614: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0615: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0616: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0617: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0618: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0619: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0620: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0621: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0622: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0623: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0624: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0626: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0631: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0633: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0635: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0636: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0638: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0639: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0641: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0642: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0643: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0644: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0646: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0647: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0648: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0658: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0659: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0660: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0661: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0662: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0663: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0664: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0665: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0666: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0668: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0669: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0670: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0671: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0689: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0690: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0691: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0692: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0695: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0697: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0698: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0699: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0700: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0701: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0704: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0705: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0706: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0712: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0713: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0714: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0715: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0716: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0718: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0720: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0723: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0725: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0728: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0729: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0730: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0731: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0732: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0733: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0734: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0735: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0736: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0737: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0738: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0740: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0741: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0742: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0743: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0744: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
E0745: include_str!("./error_codes/"),
//  E0006, // merged with E0005
//  E0008, // cannot bind by-move into a pattern guard
//  E0035, merged into E0087/E0089
//  E0036, merged into E0087/E0089
//  E0068,
//  E0085,
//  E0086,
//  E0101, // replaced with E0282
//  E0102, // replaced with E0282
//  E0103,
//  E0104,
//  E0122, // bounds in type aliases are ignored, turned into proper lint
//  E0123,
//  E0127,
//  E0129,
//  E0134,
//  E0135,
//  E0141,
//  E0153, unused error code
//  E0157, unused error code
//  E0159, // use of trait `{}` as struct constructor
//  E0163, // merged into E0071
//  E0167,
//  E0168,
//  E0172, // non-trait found in a type sum, moved to resolve
//  E0173, // manual implementations of unboxed closure traits are experimental
//  E0174,
//  E0182, // merged into E0229
//  E0187, // cannot infer the kind of the closure
//  E0188, // can not cast an immutable reference to a mutable pointer
//  E0189, // deprecated: can only cast a boxed pointer to a boxed object
//  E0190, // deprecated: can only cast a &-pointer to an &-object
//  E0194, // merged into E0403
//  E0196, // cannot determine a type for this closure
//  E0209, // builtin traits can only be implemented on structs or enums
    E0212, // cannot extract an associated type from a higher-ranked trait bound
//  E0213, // associated types are not accepted in this context
//  E0215, // angle-bracket notation is not stable with `Fn`
//  E0216, // parenthetical notation is only stable with `Fn`
//  E0217, // ambiguous associated type, defined in multiple supertraits
//  E0218, // no associated type defined
//  E0219, // associated type defined in higher-ranked supertrait
//  E0222, // Error code E0045 (variadic function must have C or cdecl calling
           // convention) duplicate
    E0224, // at least one non-builtin train is required for an object type
    E0226, // only a single explicit lifetime bound is permitted
    E0227, // ambiguous lifetime bound, explicit lifetime bound required
    E0228, // explicit lifetime bound required
//  E0233,
//  E0234,
//  E0235, // structure constructor specifies a structure of type but
//  E0236, // no lang item for range syntax
//  E0237, // no lang item for range syntax
//  E0238, // parenthesized parameters may only be used with a trait
//  E0239, // `next` method of `Iterator` trait has unexpected type
//  E0240,
//  E0241,
//  E0242,
//  E0245, // not a trait
//  E0246, // invalid recursive type
//  E0247,
//  E0248, // value used as a type, now reported earlier during resolution
           // as E0412
//  E0249,
//  E0257,
//  E0258,
//  E0272, // on_unimplemented #0
//  E0273, // on_unimplemented #1
//  E0274, // on_unimplemented #2
//  E0278, // requirement is not satisfied
    E0279, // requirement is not satisfied
    E0280, // requirement is not satisfied
//  E0285, // overflow evaluation builtin bounds
//  E0296, // replaced with a generic attribute input check
//  E0298, // cannot compare constants
//  E0299, // mismatched types between arms
//  E0300, // unexpanded macro
//  E0304, // expected signed integer constant
//  E0305, // expected constant
    E0311, // thing may not live long enough
    E0313, // lifetime of borrowed pointer outlives lifetime of captured
           // variable
    E0314, // closure outlives stack frame
    E0315, // cannot invoke closure outside of its lifetime
    E0316, // nested quantification of lifetimes
//  E0319, // trait impls for defaulted traits allowed just for structs/enums
    E0320, // recursive overflow during dropck
//  E0372, // coherence not object safe
    E0377, // the trait `CoerceUnsized` may only be implemented for a coercion
           // between structures with the same definition
//  E0385, // {} in an aliasable location
//  E0402, // cannot use an outer type parameter in this context
//  E0406, merged into 420
//  E0410, merged into 408
//  E0413, merged into 530
//  E0414, merged into 530
//  E0417, merged into 532
//  E0418, merged into 532
//  E0419, merged into 531
//  E0420, merged into 532
//  E0421, merged into 531
//  E0427, merged into 530
    E0456, // plugin `..` is not available for triple `..`
    E0457, // plugin `..` only found in rlib format, but must be available...
    E0460, // found possibly newer version of crate `..`
    E0461, // couldn't find crate `..` with expected target triple ..
    E0462, // found staticlib `..` instead of rlib or dylib
    E0464, // multiple matching crates for `..`
    E0465, // multiple .. candidates for `..` found
//  E0467, removed
//  E0470, removed
//  E0471, // constant evaluation error (in pattern)
    E0472, // asm! is unsupported on this target
    E0473, // dereference of reference outside its lifetime
    E0474, // captured variable `..` does not outlive the enclosing closure
    E0475, // index of slice outside its lifetime
    E0476, // lifetime of the source pointer does not outlive lifetime bound...
    E0477, // the type `..` does not fulfill the required lifetime...
    E0479, // the type `..` (provided as the value of a type parameter) is...
    E0480, // lifetime of method receiver does not outlive the method call
    E0481, // lifetime of function argument does not outlive the function call
    E0482, // lifetime of return value does not outlive the function call
    E0483, // lifetime of operand does not outlive the operation
    E0484, // reference is not valid at the time of borrow
    E0485, // automatically reference is not valid at the time of borrow
    E0486, // type of expression contains references that are not valid during..
    E0487, // unsafe use of destructor: destructor might be called while...
    E0488, // lifetime of variable does not enclose its declaration
    E0489, // type/lifetime parameter not in scope here
    E0490, // a value of type `..` is borrowed for too long
    E0498,  // malformed plugin attribute
    E0514, // metadata version mismatch
    E0519, // local crate and dependency have same (crate-name, disambiguator)
    // two dependencies have same (crate-name, disambiguator) but different SVH
    E0521, // borrowed data escapes outside of closure
//  E0526, // shuffle indices are not constant
    E0539, // incorrect meta item
    E0540, // multiple rustc_deprecated attributes
    E0542, // missing 'since'
    E0543, // missing 'reason'
    E0544, // multiple stability levels
    E0545, // incorrect 'issue'
    E0546, // missing 'feature'
    E0547, // missing 'issue'
//  E0548, // replaced with a generic attribute input check
    // rustc_deprecated attribute must be paired with either stable or unstable
    // attribute
    E0553, // multiple rustc_const_unstable attributes
//  E0555, // replaced with a generic attribute input check
//  E0558, // replaced with a generic attribute input check
//  E0563, // cannot determine a type for this `impl Trait` removed in 6383de15
//  E0564, // only named lifetimes are allowed in `impl Trait`,
           // but `{}` was found in the type `{}`
//  E0598, // lifetime of {} is too short to guarantee its contents can be...
//  E0611, // merged into E0616
//  E0612, // merged into E0609
//  E0613, // Removed (merged with E0609)
    E0625, // thread-local statics cannot be accessed at compile-time
    E0627, // yield statement outside of generator literal
    E0628, // generators cannot have explicit parameters
    E0629, // missing 'feature' (rustc_const_unstable)
    // rustc_const_unstable attribute must be paired with stable/unstable
    // attribute
    E0632, // cannot provide explicit generic arguments when `impl Trait` is
           // used in argument position
    E0634, // type has conflicting packed representaton hints
    E0637, // "'_" is not a valid lifetime bound
    E0640, // infer outlives requirements
//  E0645, // trait aliases not finished
    E0657, // `impl Trait` can only capture lifetimes bound at the fn level
    E0667, // `impl Trait` in projections
    E0687, // in-band lifetimes cannot be used in `fn`/`Fn` syntax
    E0688, // in-band lifetimes cannot be mixed with explicit lifetime binders
    E0693, // incorrect `repr(align)` attribute format
//  E0694, // an unknown tool name found in scoped attributes
    E0696, // `continue` pointing to a labeled block
//  E0702, // replaced with a generic attribute input check
    E0703, // invalid ABI
//  E0707, // multiple elided lifetimes used in arguments of `async fn`
    E0708, // `async` non-`move` closures with parameters are not currently
           // supported
//  E0709, // multiple different lifetimes used in arguments of `async fn`
    E0710, // an unknown tool name found in scoped lint
    E0711, // a feature has been declared with conflicting stability attributes
    E0717, // rustc_promotable without stability attribute
    E0719, // duplicate values for associated type binding
//  E0721, // `await` keyword
    E0722, // Malformed `#[optimize]` attribute
    E0724, // `#[ffi_returns_twice]` is only allowed in foreign functions
    E0726, // non-explicit (not `'_`) elided lifetime in unsupported position
    E0727, // `async` generators are not yet supported
    E0739, // invalid track_caller application/syntax