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<p>The exact specification of the Ted Nelson links is described at
<a href="">Project Xandu</a>
<i>(<a href="">archival copy</a>,
<a href="./ainfo/72f5c1fede73c051">local copy</a>).</i>&nbsp;</p>

<p>A derivative of the Ted Nelson linking system might be that the <b>links are
ordinary auto-generated web links that point to a collection of documents that
are somehow related to the visual object</b> (text, image, etc.) that has been
automatically converted to be a link. Some of those objects might be labeled by
the author as the source of the visual object that links to the collection of
documents and that the author uses as a citation.<br>


<h1>Ted Nelson Related References</h1>

<li><a href=""></a>&nbsp;<i>(<a href="">archival
<li><a href=""></a>
<i>(<a href="">archival copy</a>)</i><br>
<li><a href="./ainfo/d63549f466aff1fd">2016_12_29_YouTube_Bqx6li5dbEY_Ted_Nelson_Version_of_web_Links.webm</a>&nbsp;<i>(<a href="">source</a>,
<a href="">archival
<li><a href="./ainfo/efa220eaa278ebb9">2013_05_17_YouTube_emDJTGTrEm0_Ted_Nelson_About_the_Bitcoin_Founders.webm</a>
<i>(<a href="">source</a>)</i><br>



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