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<Namespace Name="RHash">
    <summary>.NET/Mono bindings to librhash.</summary>
<para>Librhash is a library for computing and verifying hash sums
that supports many hashing algorithms. This module provides
class for incremental hashing that utilizes the library.
Sample usage of it you can see from the following example:
<example><code lang="C#">
  Hasher hasher = new Hasher((uint)HashType.CRC32 | (uint)HashType.MD5);
 In this example <see cref="T:RHash.Hasher" /> object is first
 created for a set of hashing algorithms.
 Next, data for hashing is  given  in  chunks  with  methods
 Update() and UpdateFile(). Finally, call Finish() to end up
 all remaining calculations.
 To receive text represenation of the message digest use one
 of methods ToHex(), ToBase32() and ToBase64(). Binary message
 digest may be obtained with ToRaw(). All of these methods accept
 algorithm  value as argument. It may be omitted if Hasher was
 created to compute hash for only a single hashing algorithm.