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Update Snapshot Used by Droplet Deployer

  1. Create a new droplet from the existing "Droplet Deployer" snapshot.
  2. Make whatever changes are required (user is qa, password is held in release_config repo).
  3. On the droplet, run sudo rm -rf /root/.ssh/ && sudo shutdown -h now
  4. Once the droplet has shut down, take a new snapshot called Droplet Deployer.
  5. Replicate the snapshot to all regions (click the "More" option, then "Add to Region").
  6. Rename the old snapshot to Old Droplet Deployer (check "Created" values).
  7. Generate a new Personal Access Token.
  8. To get the ID of the newly-created snapshot, run curl -sX GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <token here>" "" | sed -n 's/.*"id":\([^,]*\),"name":"Droplet Deployer".*/\n\1\n\n/p'
  9. If this doesn't yield an ID, it may be due to pagination of the response; you may need to add &page=2 (or whatever value the last page has) to the end of the URL after private=true. Alternatively, check that the new snapshot has finished being created.
  10. Replace the existing value of "imageId" in Droplet Deployer's config.json file with the new one.
  11. Test the Droplet Deployer tool.
  12. Commit and push the change.
  13. Delete the Personal Access Token.
  14. Delete the Old Droplet Deployer snapshot.
  15. Delete the freshly-shutdown Droplet used to create the new snapshot.