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<p>Silktorrent is meant to be the base technology for P2P cloud storage
dependent applications that can withstand a situation, where Police/adversaries

<p><strong>taken down literally all servers of the authors of the censorable

<p>and, at the same time,</p>

<p><strong>have access to all of the encryption keys of the authors of the
censorable files</strong></p>

<p>and, at the same time,</p>

<p><strong>have taken down internet connections of the general public</strong>
and switched in jammers that take out ad hoc mobile networks.</p>

<p>The Silktorrent is meant to be a doomsday last resort network software
infrastructure that allows to create reliable information systems.</p>

<p>Silktorrent is <strong>planned to be</strong> part of the
<a href="">mmmv_devel_tools</a>,
which has a
<a href="">general
flawtrack</a>. There is an effort to design Silktorrent by taking to account
the results of the vast amount of prior work, including the&nbsp;<a href="./raw/Private_and_Censorship-Resistant_Communication_over_Public_Networks_by_Michael_John_Rogers.pdf?name=4e70ec81d28fbb90f920027f7c39980eb9415f94">2010
doctoral thesis of Michael John Rogers</a>.&nbsp;<b>The Silktorrent differs
from many other projects by having an implementation architecture and algorithm
architecture that are expected to be gradually upgraded as new knowledge
becomes available.</b> The Silktorrent implementation is designed to be usable
for at least decades.&nbsp;</p>


<p><a href="./wiki?name=Algorithm+and+Implementation">Algorithm and

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