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Wiki page [Silktorrent Logo Type 01] by martin_vahi on 2016-08-03 05:39:06.
D 2016-08-03T05:39:06.315
L Silktorrent\sLogo\sType\s01
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U martin_vahi
W 1389
<p>People, who know Asian style hieroglyphs, might be able to get by without
logos, but <a href="">Latin script</a>
and <a href="">Cyrillic script</a>
based words take up so much space that there is a practical need for some
hieroglyph like solution. Since I (Martin Vahi) do not know any East-Asian
languages, I tried to come up with something that</p>

<li>fits to a square area, id est it fits well to buttons and checklists;</li>
<li>can be rendered recognizably in very small resolution;<br>
<li>is defined by a
<a href="./raw/fa4d225f507c1434b0969f824eed3358b6306716?m=image/jpeg">drawing
<li>does not have a strong historical meaning like the
<a href="">Swastika</a> or the
<a href="">red star</a>;</li>
<li>can be drawn understandably by using only 2 colors;</li>
<li>(hopefully) does not have any connotations to classical religions;</li>
<li>(hopefully) does not have any sexual connotations;</li>
<li>(hopefully) does not have any classically derogatory connotations;</li>
<li>(hopefully) is meaningless in all East-Asian languages;</li>
<li>tries to reference the letters S and T from the compound word




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