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<h1>General Background</h1>

The search phrase is "<a href="">P2P cloud storage</a>". 

[|Wikipedia entry].


<h1>Live Projects</h1>

[|Space Monkey],


[|Netsukuku] WiFi network,

[|Chrimera] P2P network,


<h1>Failed or Otherwise dead Projects</h1>
[|JXSE] P2P implementation in Java,

[|Wuala]<i>(<a href="">archive</a>)</i>,
[|ANts P2P],

<h1>Implementation Component Candidates</h1>
[|Apache Kafka]

<h1>Some Scientific Articles</h1>
    <a href="">Bandwidth 
    Modeling and Estimation in Peer to Peer Networks by 
    Kiarash Mizanian and Mehdi Vasef and Morteza Analoui 
    <i>(<a href="">source</a>)</i>

<a href="">Towards 
Minimum Traffic Cost and Minimum Response Latency: 
A Novel Dynamic Query Protocol in Unstructured P2P Networks</a>
<i>(<a href="">source</a>)</i>

<h1>Some Relevant Collections</h1>
[|P2P Foundation]
[|Plenet Peer]

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