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package org.interledger.cryptoconditions;

import java.util.EnumSet;
import java.util.List;

 * A helper class for asserting crypto conditions.
public class CryptoConditionAssert {

   * Asserts the the set of rsa given are equal.
   * @param message  A detail message to record if the assertion fails.
   * @param expected A list of expected condition rsa.
   * @param actual   A set of condition rsa to compare against the ones expected.
  public static void assertSetOfTypesIsEqual(
      final String message, final List<String> expected, final EnumSet<CryptoConditionType> actual
  ) {
    final EnumSet<CryptoConditionType> expectedSet = CryptoConditionType
        .getEnumOfTypesFromString(String.join(",", expected.toArray(new String[expected.size()])));

    if (!expectedSet.containsAll(actual)) {
      throw new AssertionError(message + " - expected does not contain all values from actual.");
    if (!expectedSet.isEmpty()) {
      throw new AssertionError(message + " - expected contains values not in actual.");