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% USENIX wants margins of: 1" sides, 1" bottom, and 1" top.
% 0.25" gutter between columns.
% Gives active areas of 6.5" x 9"




% Usenix wants no page numbers for camera-ready papers, so that they can
% number them themselves.  But submitted papers should have page numbers
% for the reviewers' convenience.
% \pagestyle{empty}

% Usenix titles are in 14-point bold type, with no date, and with no
% change in the empty page headers.  The whole author section is 12 point
% italic--- you must use {\rm } around the actual author names to get
% them in roman.
   \def\@makefnmark{\hbox to\z@{$\m@th^{\@thefnmark}$\hss}}%
    \long\def\@makefntext##1{\parindent 1em\noindent
            \hbox to1.8em{\hss$\m@th^{\@thefnmark}$}##1}%
     \else \newpage
     \@maketitle \fi\@thanks

 \vbox to 2.5in{
 \vskip 2em
  {\Large\bf \@title \par}%
  \vskip 0.375in minus 0.300in
   \lineskip .5em
% \vskip 1.5em

% The abstract is preceded by a 12-pt bold centered heading
{\large\bf \abstractname\vspace{-.5em}\vspace{\z@}}%

% Main section titles are 12-pt bold.  Others can be same or smaller.
\def\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}{-3.5ex plus-1ex minus
    -.2ex}{2.3ex plus.2ex}{\reset@font\large\bf}}