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Artifact 57c067aa707e705cb09bf32f2f0c5d349a16b76b:

v0.33.00 (WIP)

* Fix for demo ignoring --bootstrap parameter.
* Porting ReadContactsFromFile fix.
* OSX compatibility.
* Updated Contact serialise/parse methods to use ios::binary.
* Updated logging macro.
* Contact serialisation and other changes for rudp.
* Bugfix to RPcs test.
* Added install_fast target to maidsafe-dht.
* Various changes to match updated Common functions and to make use of C++11 features.

* Matching the new AlternativeStore API.
* Updated Contact serialization to encode PublicKey to Base32.
* Fix for a couple of for loop conditions.
* Updated ctest config file in sync with project name change.

* Changed to match updated CMake modules.
* Fixed ambiguous namespace alias.
* Added setters for RSA functors.
* KademliaDemo fixed to be able to start on given port range.
* Updated to use RSA instead of Securifier

v0.31.05 (2011-11-02)
* RPCs changed to use the credentials passed in the securifier instead of
  always using the default one.
* Fix for StoreRefreshMultipleRequests and DeleteRefreshMultipleRequests
  test failures.
* Fixes bug in HandleDeleteToSelf that occasionally caused boost assertion
* Additional NodeImpl unit tests and fixes for RemoveDownlistedContacts,
  AssessLookupState & InsertCloseContacts.
* Using Random in place of SRandom.


* Bootstrap changed to accept empty bootstrap list, or a list containing only
  joining node's details.  These cause the node to create a new network.
* Most Node methods now call back with kNotJoined if node not joined.
* If node not joined, it now doesn't responds to incoming requests.
* Significant rework of iterative lookup process.
* Implemented Downlist functionality.
* Implemented StoreRefresh and DeleteRefresh functionality.
* FindValue now returns kSuccess only if the value was found.  If an alternative
  store holder was found, returns kFoundAlternativeStoreHolder.  If closest
  contacts are returned, kFailedToFindValue is returned.  These codes are >= 0.
  Any other return code will be negative and will indicate failure.
* Own contact is now considered during lookups.  This means that it can be
  returned by FindNodes, FindValue, GetContact and that Store, Delete and Update
  will operate on the node initiating the request.
* Own contact can also be returned as the "needs_cache_copy" Contact.
* FindValue and FindNodes can look for > k contacts if required.
* Created OrderedContacts typedef (set of Contacts ordered by closeness to a
  target ID).
* Added methods for constructing an OrderedContacts instance.
* Devolved some of the signature validation from DataStore to Service.
* Changed Transport MessageHandler to handle uninitialised messages.
* Changed Kademlia MessageHandler to handle uninitialised messages.
* Added error logging to NodeImpl, SenderTask, and Kad Service.
* Switched off reuse_address for TCP connections.
* Removed DataStore for client-only nodes.
* Routing Table now updates contacts' details if they change.
* Better handling of second node joining existing network of one.
* Various work on NodeContainer.
* Various test fixes.