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// Copyright 2015 limited.
// This SAFE Network Software is licensed to you under (1) the Commercial License,
// version 1.0 or later, or (2) The General Public License (GPL), version 3, depending on which
// licence you accepted on initial access to the Software (the "Licences").
// By contributing code to the SAFE Network Software, or to this project generally, you agree to be
// bound by the terms of the MaidSafe Contributor Agreement, version 1.1.  This, along with the
// Licenses can be found in the root directory of this project at LICENSE, COPYING and CONTRIBUTOR.
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, the SAFE Network Software distributed
// under the GPL Licence is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY
// KIND, either express or implied.
// Please review the Licences for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
// relating to use of the SAFE Network Software.

use messages::{Request, Response};
use routing_table::{Prefix, RoutingTable};
use routing_table::Authority;
use std::fmt::{self, Debug, Formatter};
use xor_name::XorName;

/// An Event raised by a `Node` or `Client` via its event sender.
/// These are sent by routing to the library's user. It allows the user to handle requests and
/// responses, and to react to changes in the network.
/// `Request` and `Response` events from section authorities are only raised once the quorum has
/// been reached, i.e. enough members of the section have sent the same message.
#[derive(Clone, Eq, PartialEq)]
pub enum Event {
    /// Received a request message.
    Request {
        /// The request message.
        request: Request,
        /// The source authority that sent the request.
        src: Authority<XorName>,
        /// The destination authority that receives the request.
        dst: Authority<XorName>,
    /// Received a response message.
    Response {
        /// The response message.
        response: Response,
        /// The source authority that sent the response.
        src: Authority<XorName>,
        /// The destination authority that receives the response.
        dst: Authority<XorName>,
    /// A node has connected to us.
    NodeAdded(XorName, RoutingTable<XorName>),
    /// A node has disconnected from us.
    NodeLost(XorName, RoutingTable<XorName>),
    /// Our own section has been split, resulting in the included `Prefix` for our new section.
    /// Our own section requires merged with others, resulting in the included `Prefix` for our new
    /// section.
    /// The client has successfully connected to a proxy node on the network.
    /// Disconnected or failed to connect - restart required.
    /// Startup failed - terminate.
    // TODO: Find a better solution for periodic tasks.
    /// This event is sent periodically every time Routing sends the `Heartbeat` messages.

impl Debug for Event {
    fn fmt(&self, formatter: &mut Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
        match *self {
            Event::Request { ref request, ref src, ref dst } => {
                       "Event::Request {{ request: {:?}, src: {:?}, dst: {:?} }}",
            Event::Response { ref response, ref src, ref dst } => {
                       "Event::Response {{ response: {:?}, src: {:?}, dst: {:?} }}",
            Event::NodeAdded(ref node_name, _) => {
                       "Event::NodeAdded({:?}, routing_table)",
            Event::NodeLost(ref node_name, _) => {
                write!(formatter, "Event::NodeLost({:?}, routing_table)", node_name)
            Event::SectionSplit(ref prefix) => {
                write!(formatter, "Event::SectionSplit({:?})", prefix)
            Event::SectionMerge(ref prefix) => {
                write!(formatter, "Event::SectionMerge({:?})", prefix)
            Event::Connected => write!(formatter, "Event::Connected"),
            Event::RestartRequired => write!(formatter, "Event::RestartRequired"),
            Event::Terminate => write!(formatter, "Event::Terminate"),
            Event::Tick => write!(formatter, "Event::Tick"),