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Contribution guidelines for the RHash project

There are many ways of contributing to the project. * Contributing by writing code * Hunting bugs * Translating to other languages * Packaging RHash to a new distribution * Contributing money

Contributing by writing code

Translating to other languages

For online translation you need to register at the Launchpad platform. Then visit RHash translations and translate untranslated strings.

Alternatively, you can translate one of po files and send a patch.

Hunting bugs

If you have a found bug, try to reproduce it with the latest version, compiled from the repository. Collect information about you environment, particularly use command:

make -C librhash print-info
File new bugs at the issues page.

Packaging RHash to a new distribution

Check if your OS distribution has the latest RHash. If not, then make a package and publish it into the OS repository.

Contributing money

Support RHash If you like the project, please consider donating a few dollars.