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// Copyright 2012-2014 The Rust Project Developers. See the COPYRIGHT
// file at the top-level directory of this distribution and at
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 <LICENSE-APACHE or
//> or the MIT license
// <LICENSE-MIT or>, at your
// option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
// except according to those terms.
pub use self::Mode::*;

use std::fmt;
use std::str::FromStr;
use std::path::PathBuf;

#[derive(Clone, Copy, PartialEq, Debug)]
pub enum Mode {

impl FromStr for Mode {
    type Err = ();
    fn from_str(s: &str) -> Result<Mode, ()> {
        match s {
            "compile-fail" => Ok(CompileFail),
            "parse-fail" => Ok(ParseFail),
            "run-fail" => Ok(RunFail),
            "run-pass" => Ok(RunPass),
            "run-pass-valgrind" => Ok(RunPassValgrind),
            "pretty" => Ok(Pretty),
            "debuginfo-lldb" => Ok(DebugInfoLldb),
            "debuginfo-gdb" => Ok(DebugInfoGdb),
            "codegen" => Ok(Codegen),
            "rustdoc" => Ok(Rustdoc),
            "codegen-units" => Ok(CodegenUnits),
            "incremental" => Ok(Incremental),
            "run-make" => Ok(RunMake),
            "ui" => Ok(Ui),
            "mir-opt" => Ok(MirOpt),
            _ => Err(()),

impl fmt::Display for Mode {
    fn fmt(&self, f: &mut fmt::Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
        fmt::Display::fmt(match *self {
                              CompileFail => "compile-fail",
                              ParseFail => "parse-fail",
                              RunFail => "run-fail",
                              RunPass => "run-pass",
                              RunPassValgrind => "run-pass-valgrind",
                              Pretty => "pretty",
                              DebugInfoGdb => "debuginfo-gdb",
                              DebugInfoLldb => "debuginfo-lldb",
                              Codegen => "codegen",
                              Rustdoc => "rustdoc",
                              CodegenUnits => "codegen-units",
                              Incremental => "incremental",
                              RunMake => "run-make",
                              Ui => "ui",
                              MirOpt => "mir-opt",

pub struct Config {
    // The library paths required for running the compiler
    pub compile_lib_path: PathBuf,

    // The library paths required for running compiled programs
    pub run_lib_path: PathBuf,

    // The rustc executable
    pub rustc_path: PathBuf,

    // The rustdoc executable
    pub rustdoc_path: PathBuf,

    // The python executable to use for LLDB
    pub lldb_python: String,

    // The python executable to use for htmldocck
    pub docck_python: String,

    // The llvm FileCheck binary path
    pub llvm_filecheck: Option<PathBuf>,

    // The valgrind path
    pub valgrind_path: Option<String>,

    // Whether to fail if we can't run run-pass-valgrind tests under valgrind
    // (or, alternatively, to silently run them like regular run-pass tests).
    pub force_valgrind: bool,

    // The directory containing the tests to run
    pub src_base: PathBuf,

    // The directory where programs should be built
    pub build_base: PathBuf,

    // The name of the stage being built (stage1, etc)
    pub stage_id: String,

    // The test mode, compile-fail, run-fail, run-pass
    pub mode: Mode,

    // Run ignored tests
    pub run_ignored: bool,

    // Only run tests that match this filter
    pub filter: Option<String>,

    // Exactly match the filter, rather than a substring
    pub filter_exact: bool,

    // Write out a parseable log of tests that were run
    pub logfile: Option<PathBuf>,

    // A command line to prefix program execution with,
    // for running under valgrind
    pub runtool: Option<String>,

    // Flags to pass to the compiler when building for the host
    pub host_rustcflags: Option<String>,

    // Flags to pass to the compiler when building for the target
    pub target_rustcflags: Option<String>,

    // Target system to be tested
    pub target: String,

    // Host triple for the compiler being invoked
    pub host: String,

    // Path to / name of the GDB executable
    pub gdb: Option<String>,

    // Version of GDB, encoded as ((major * 1000) + minor) * 1000 + patch
    pub gdb_version: Option<u32>,

    // Whether GDB has native rust support
    pub gdb_native_rust: bool,

    // Version of LLDB
    pub lldb_version: Option<String>,

    // Version of LLVM
    pub llvm_version: Option<String>,

    // Path to the android tools
    pub android_cross_path: PathBuf,

    // Extra parameter to run adb on arm-linux-androideabi
    pub adb_path: String,

    // Extra parameter to run test suite on arm-linux-androideabi
    pub adb_test_dir: String,

    // status whether android device available or not
    pub adb_device_status: bool,

    // the path containing LLDB's Python module
    pub lldb_python_dir: Option<String>,

    // Explain what's going on
    pub verbose: bool,

    // Print one character per test instead of one line
    pub quiet: bool,

    // where to find the qemu test client process, if we're using it
    pub qemu_test_client: Option<PathBuf>,

    // Configuration for various run-make tests frobbing things like C compilers
    // or querying about various LLVM component information.
    pub cc: String,
    pub cxx: String,
    pub cflags: String,
    pub llvm_components: String,
    pub llvm_cxxflags: String,
    pub nodejs: Option<String>,