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Build Prerequisites

Build and install

To compile and install the program use command

./configure && make && make install

The compiled program and library can be tested by command make test test-lib

To compile using MS VC++, take the project file from /win32/vc-2010/ directory.

Enabling features

RHash can use optimized algorithms of MD5, SHA1, SHA2 from the OpenSSL library. To link OpenSSL at run-time (preffered way), configure RHash as

./configure --enable-openssl-runtime
To link it at load-time, use options
./configure --enable-openssl --disable-openssl-runtime

Internationalization support can be compiled and installed by commands

./configure --enable-gettext
make install install-gmo

Run ./configure --help for a full list of configuration options.

Building an OS native package

When building a package for an OS Repository, one should correctly specify system directories, e.g.:

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --exec-prefix=/usr

Example of installing RHash with shared and static LibRHash library:

./configure --enable-lib-static
make install install-lib-so-link