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<h1>Instructions for Application Developers and Power Users&nbsp;</h1>

<p>The latest milestone release main deployment deliverable is a single
<a href="./artifact/433efaa35a360ddc">Bash script</a>. If it is executed
without any command line arguments, then it prints out its usage instructions.</p>


<h1>Instructions for Silktorrent Developers</h1>

<p>All of the development deliverables can be downloaded by cloning this Fossil
repository. <font color="#ff0000">The cloning can take hours and it requires at
least 30GiB of HDD space.</font> The recommended way to anonymously clone the
Silktorrent Fossil repository is to run the following Bash line:</p>
<pre>    mkdir -p ./tmp_; SQLITE_TMPDIR=`pwd`/tmp_ time nice -n18 fossil clone --unversioned &nbsp;  ./silktorrent.fossilrepository</pre>

<p>If You are a Fossil repository administrator and Your username were
martin_vahi and Your remote/central Fossil instance were running at&nbsp;</p>

<p>then the Bash line for cloning the the repository would be:</p>
<pre>    mkdir -p `pwd`/tmp_; SQLITE_TMPDIR=`pwd`/tmp_ time nice -n18 fossil clone --unversioned --private --admin-user martin_vahi ./repository_storage.fossil</pre>


<p>The Web UI of the cloned repository can be used by</p>
<pre>    # on localhost:</pre>
<pre>        fossil ui -port 2000 `pwd`/silktorrent.fossilrepository</pre>
<pre>    # on public IP address:</pre>
<pre>        fossil server -port 2000 `pwd`/silktorrent.fossilrepository</pre>




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