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Hoedown is a revived fork of Sundown, the Markdown parser based on the original code of the Upskirt library by Natacha Porté.



You can see a community-maintained list of Hoedown bindings at the wiki. There is also a migration guide available for authors of Sundown bindings.

Help us

Hoedown is all about security. If you find a (potential) security vulnerability in the library, or a way to make it crash through malicious input, please report it to us by emailing the private Hoedown Security mailing list. The Hoedown security team will review the vulnerability and work with you to reproduce and resolve it.

Unicode character handling

Given that the Markdown spec makes no provision for Unicode character handling, Hoedown takes a conservative approach towards deciding which extended characters trigger Markdown features:


Just typing make will build Hoedown into a dynamic library and create the hoedown and smartypants executables, which are command-line tools to render Markdown to HTML and perform SmartyPants, respectively.

If you are using CocoaPods, just add the line pod 'hoedown' to your Podfile and call pod install.

Or, if you prefer, you can just throw the files at src into your project.