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Artifact 09d463e1df71c114edda99034eba421ebb93f5de:

Foo [bar] [1].

Foo [bar][1].

Foo [bar]

[1]: /url/  "Title"

With [embedded [brackets]] [b].

Indented [once][].

Indented [twice][].

Indented [thrice][].

Indented [four][] times.

 [once]: /url

  [twice]: /url

   [thrice]: /url

    [four]: /url

[b]: /url/

* * *

[this] [this] should work

So should [this][this].

And [this] [].

And [this][].

And [this].

But not [that] [].

Nor [that][].

Nor [that].

[Something in brackets like [this][] should work]

[Same with [this].]

In this case, [this](/somethingelse/) points to something else.

Backslashing should suppress \[this] and [this\].

[this]: foo

* * *

Here's one where the [link
breaks] across lines.

Here's another where the [link 
breaks] across lines, but with a line-ending space.

[link breaks]: /url/