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11 timeline items occurring around c484f7d03d25f875.

23:35 • New ticket [6e92dcdd31] Plaice_t1 Hashfunction. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
23:33 • Ticket [1a5639897f] Support for Arbitrary Precision Rational Numbers status still Open with 5 other changes (user: martin_vahi) [details] ... 1 similar event omitted.
23:26 • New ticket [d791e4babb] Proper Date Calculation Class. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
23:21 • New ticket [bb66f0a5ce] Image Based Button Widget. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
23:18 • New ticket [e07718bb41] New Menu Widget, the "t2". (user: martin_vahi) [details]
23:12 • New ticket [5c3cd6a707] Explorable 3D Line-graph Widget. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
23:09 • New ticket [5275f19cd4] Explorable 2D Line-graph Widget. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
23:08 • New ticket [3a44565027] The Timeline Widget. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
22:55 • New ticket [7ffbf4c53f] Widget for the Sirel Users and Resource Access Framework, v_0. (user: martin_vahi) [details]
03:30 • Changes to wiki page raudrohi (user: martin_vahi) [details]