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Page Name:mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1
Date: 2016-11-02 02:56:50
Original User: martin_vahi
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The mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1 is a VirtualBox based virtual appliance that runs 64 bit Linux and has a purpose of being a portable container for development deliverables. Due to the file size of the virtual appliance the virtual appliance itself is not stored in this Fossil repository. This Fossil repository is only for flaw reports and a small subset of mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1 related files. Given that the Linux distribution of the mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1 will probably change over time and that the different client project specific virtual appliances need to be updated whenever the client returns for more services, this Fossil repository serves also as an online storage area for moving files from the newest mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1 instance to the updateable virtual appliance.

The mmmv_virtual_appliance_t1 project shares this Fossil repository with the mmmv_distrocomponents_t1 project.