Update of "mmmv_distrocomponents_t1: Action Plan"
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Artifact ID: 5afc26fa3fdb212c7ab7165a9cff1fe573684dac
Page Name:mmmv_distrocomponents_t1: Action Plan
Date: 2016-12-21 06:36:28
Original User: martin_vahi
Parent: fa01d65a28d9ffeca123248081bd3d735fbf20a1 (diff)


The mmmv_distrocomponents_t1 is a background project that will emerge like a mosaic picture. Its individual components are designed with mmmv_distrocomponents_t1 in mind, but apart from a few components, there will not be any work specific to the mmmv_distrocomponents_t1.  The mmmv_distrocomponents_t1 is a summary of conclusions from various trials and errors.

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