ParaSail Compiler Forks: mmmv_v_7_0_console_version
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The ParaSail language will evolve, but the ParaSail_v_7_0 is production ready. 

The mmmv_ParaSail_v_7_0_console_version differs from the upstream version only by a series of manual edits. The following is a set of notes in a form of a list to diffs between the ParaSail_v_6_5 upstream version and the mmmv_ParaSail_v_6_5_console_version.

Change Sets

There are diff links at the lower part of the following pages:

Summary of the changeset_002 is that the  *.ads and *.adb files had the following with-clauses commented out:

with GTK_C_Interface; 
with Cairo_C_Interface;
with RL_C_Interface;
with PSC.Interpreter.GTK;
with PSC.Interpreter.Cairo;