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Artifact ID: 7d711ddf771eef5444572d0d5133cb41a84b9a60
Page Name:mmmv_parasail_projects
Date: 2020-03-19 00:51:06
Original User: martin_vahi
Parent: d3b5c8901a7263d752dd728d854841b2f4928155 (diff)

The mmm_parasail_projects is a private corner of Martin Vahi for hosting projects and documentation

 that are related to Tucker Taft's parasail-lang.org fork and 

other system programming related projects that I, Martin Vahi, either try to learn from or develop myself.

This repository can be cloned by downloading the mmmv_Fossil_operator_t1.bash and executing

    ./mmmv_Fossil_operator_t1.bash  clone_public  THE_URL_OF_THE_PAGE_THAT_YOU_ARE_CURRENTLY_READING

The Martin Vahi's version of this Fossil repository MIGHT be clonable by executing

    ./mmmv_Fossil_operator_t1.bash  clone_public https://www.softf1.com/cgi-bin/tree1/technology/flaws/mmmv_parasail_projects.bash/

WARNING: It can take hours to clone this Fossil repository, because it contains more than 4GiB of relatively small files.