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Martin Vahi (public key)

I offer Information Technology support for abusing loopholes in laws of science.

Estonian: Pakun loodus-seaduse-aukude ära kasutamise infotehnoloogilist tuge.

It usually means that there exists some data and that data needs to be made accessible to some software that can do something with the data. It might also mean lab automation, robotics, embedded software development, data analysis algorithm development, including image analysis algorithm development.

At least that is the service that I try to sell by using the Intervaarium as a cover page.

According to the David Michael Ungar classification my working style is definitely that of an artist, with all the problems that come with it. People, who prefer "entertainers", do not like my style. A slightly longer introduction to me can be found from m.softf1.com.

Thank You for reading this text.