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Page Name:Experiment: mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1
Date: 2016-12-29 22:10:36
Original User: martin_vahi
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The mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1 is a microcontroller C library that works with 8bit MCUs. The aim of the mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1 is to maximize cryptographic strength and availability at as many microcontrollers as possible, while minimizing electrical power consumption and computational power requirements. It is up to the client code developers to decide, what their minimum acceptable cryptographic strength is, how much electrical power and computational power, RAM, execution time, etc. they are willing to sacrifice for cryptographic strength.

Currently code for the mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1 does not exist, but the development deliverables will be among versioned files, when it becomes available.