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Page Name:Experiment: mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1: Implementation Ideas
Date: 2016-12-29 22:58:47
Original User: martin_vahi
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Random Number Generation 

Random numbers might be generated by combining some pseudo-random sequence generation function with bitstream from hardware based random bitstream generator. The role of the pseudo-random sequence generation function is to compensate for the slowness of the hardware based bitstream generator. The hardware based bitstream generator might use light, sound, electrical noise (even regular electrical noise, like the 50Hz or some engine noise) for an input to some fast cryptographically relatively strong hash function (not unrollable, has collisions). The hash function output would be the random bitstream. 

Hash Function

Probably one needs to write that from scratch, because 8bit MCUs are usually not used for executing cryptographically strong hash functions. The MurMurHash is not designed to be cryptographically strong, but it might give some ideas. The number of collisions must be maximized. The way to do it is to require a minimum of N bytes as an input and use some constants, when the input data is smaller. The constants can be pre-processed with input data before using them as inputs for the hash function. Different Hash function implementations can be evaluated by counting the number of collisions that literally every 4B number has. The 4B can address 4GiB, so results must be stored sparsely, may be by using a histogram. Given that it's a fast C program that fits wholly to CPU-cache, the calculation of the 4*2^9 values should take less than a minute on a desktop computer.

There must be some way to test, whether a particular MCU treats integer overflows the same way as the desktop computer does. Otherwise the MCU calculated hash might differ from the desktop computer calculated hash.